Covid-19: Keep your business virus free in less than 24 hours. We offer service in all parts of of Spain.

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Cleanliness and disinfection in less than 24 hours

Reduce your infection risks

Our disinfection solution gets rid of the 99% of the pathogenic agents in surfaces and air.

Prevent the spread of the virus

The biology recovery method act as a defense against virus, bacteria, and fungus.

Achieve the prevention requirements in your company

Resume your activity ensuring the security for your customers and workers.

Professional, fast and efficient service

Your complete calm is our compromise

In Ecolvet we have been more than 5 years offering our cleanliness and disinfection services to large businesses and small and medium enterprises. On account of the state of alarm because of COVID-19, we had created a formula with an official certificate that disinfects spaces affected by the virus.

Furthermore, of keep working with enterprises, we have conformed our services to homes that due to the enclosure, now more than ever, want to have a clean house and prevent nondesirable infections.

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Benefits to your company

Ecolvet is the leader in disinfection and cleanliness services.


Immediate intervention in less than 24 hours

Once the service is requested, we mobilize our professional team, so in less than 24 hours the cleaning service is fulfilled. This depends on the dimensions and measurements of your facilities and offices.

Resume the business activities

Our disinfectant solution against the COVID-19 eliminate the virus with a 99’99% of effectiveness. This fact is due to our patented method with an official certificate of the Instituto Técnico Español de Limpieza (ITEL).

The best option for your business and economy

We not only have the most effective cleaning and disinfection service in the whole market, but we also provide the best prices.

Accomplish with prevention regulations

Achieve the prevention regulations: so you can accomplish the government regulations and recommendations for companies, we have created a recommendation guide that we offer you with the service hiring.

Discover our work methodology

Promptness, efficiency and containment

Instant promptness

We mobilize our services in less than 24 hours to accomplish our cleanliness and disinfection mission.

Biological efficiency

We clean and disinfect the locations according to our official and toxic-free formula.

Immediate containment

In only 30 minutes, you can use the spaces again with total safety.

Official guarantee

Receive our guarantee which certificates the complete disinfection.

Ultraviolet light disinfection

The best disinfection treatment for your business

According to the World Health Organization (OMS), the ultraviolet light disinfection is effective for the elimination of bacterias, viruses, protozoans, nematodes, spores, and cysts.
Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that it is at least 184 times more effective than chlorine and 3125 more quickly.



Shops and business

We also provide services to hospitals, schools, public institutions, restaurants, Geriatrics and any business that requires complete disinfection.

We are professionals in cleaning textile furniture

Cleaning service without dismantle

Carpets and rugs

We do a deep cleaning of your carpets and rugs so they look brand new again.


Brand new couch with our cleaning method.


We also clean your curtains with our cleaning system.

You can request more information about our services here.

We work with the principal business

The best companies rely on us


Testimonials and clients

99% of satisfaction between our consumers


Excellent service

Excellent service, professional, and quickly……

Karen Guti


Son muy eficientes

Su método y servicio nos han ayudado a tener la clínica desinfectada en menos de 1 hora.

Juan Carlos


Rapidez y resultados

El equipo de Ecolvet nos han asistido en menos de 24 horas desde nuestra solicitud.

María Estevan


Trato inmejorable

Nos han tratado muy bien y su servicio ha sido inmejorable.

Jorge Santos

Guarantee and commitment

We send you the budget in less than 24 hours

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